Military Themed Writing

You may have noticed that I like to create characters who are in the military or who have been in the military (True Surrender’s hero is a wounded veteran with an amputation and PTSD, while Last Chance Rescue’s heroine is an ex-Army paramedic).

I especially like to explore the struggle between duty and relationships that is inherent to serving one’s country. And as a former Army-trained Medic, there is often a component of “wounded warriors” (both physical and mental) in my writing.

“The Heroes Left Behind” (short story)

“Our soldiers need more support,” Butch announced.

There was a general murmur among the Klinger family adults who languished on the resort’s large patio.

Aiden knew what was coming next — and the other family members, although cordial, could not be counted on to come to her aid…

Aiden lost her husband to the Iraq war. Mark lost his wife to infidelity. Is it only natural they should seek solace in each other regardless of their family relationship? What happens when their struggle to come to terms with their losses are at odds with other family members’ beliefs?