More Strange Coincidences = More Karma??

More Strange Coincidences = More Karma??

I was on my way to my taiko drumming practice on Saturday morning (I was riding my motorcycle) when I found myself in the midst of about 20 motorcycles that had entered the freeway next to me. An organized ride or a club on an outing. I nodded to other riders as I passed them (I was running late so I was bookin’) when up ahead I spotted two friends on their bikes!

Now, I’ve known these two women for awhile as part of the Women on Wheels motorcycle club (which I haven’t been as active in lately due to children) and they and their bikes are – in a word – unmistakeable.

So I pulled up alongside first one, then the other, stared at them until they couldn’t ignore me and waited for the double-take when they recognized the crazy rider next to them. We did some hilarious pantomiming and then I went one way (with a grin on my face) and they went another.

I was running 15 minutes later than I normally would be. Now I ask you: what are the odds of us being on the SAME road (out of thousands in the Minneapolis area) at the same TIME at 8:50 on a Saturday morning??

It was just too weird and wonderfully funny.

These are the same two women I saw out the window of a McDonalds one day last fall (I had ridden the motorcycle there with my son). I’ve only been in that McDonalds 2-3 times in my life. Again, what are the odds?? Not odds … karma. Great to see you Kat and Barb – miss you!

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