Music Videos Featuring Women Bikers

Music Videos Featuring Women Bikers

Just for fun, I’m starting this page of music videos that feature women riders. If you know of another video I should consider, please email me at tracey < at >

“Cool Rider” (Tracey Cramer-Kelly)


“She’s Gotta Ride” (2AZZ1 Publishing / Mary & John Durst)


“Gotta Roarrr” (Sasha Mullins & Motoroadeo) – Sasha also has two more songs about motorcycling (“Ridelicious” and “Love Ride” which was commissioned by the event of the same name)


“Ride Like an Angel” (Arrancada, I think) – features racer Valerie Thompson


Not specifically women-focused but still fun:
“Devil’s Lullaby” (Boogaboo Music)

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