"My Defining Moment" on today’s book tour stop

"My Defining Moment" on today’s book tour stop

Today I’m at LONG LIVE CHICK LIT! Here’s a teaser…

I’ve tended to “grow into” each new identity.

Being a writer is no different.

Perhaps I should pause here and try to define the difference between “writer” and “author” (in my opinion). I do this because I’ve been a writer since I was in my teens; I wrote for fun and relaxation with no thought to ever being “published.” Almost anyone can write (maybe not well, but they do).

Being an author, on the other hand, requires a more intentional approach – and a whole lot more persistence! (And in many ways, it’s also tied to publication.)

Until recently, I didn’t consider myself an author.

In fact, I’m still getting used to the idea (e.g., “growing into” that identity)!

So what was the defining moment?

There were two…

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