New Year, New Look for Author Web Site

New Year, New Look for Author Web Site

It took me nearly three hours, but is finally reorganized and ALMOST up-to-date (I still need to write a good teaser for True Surrender). Not “done” of course – a web site is never “done”!

But I AM ahead of schedule (for once) – I had targeted January 1 as the ‘launch’ date for the new site.

Whilst working on this, I came across a treasure trove of short essays and commentaries I wrote as part of the virtual blog tour last year. It made me realize just how far I’ve come (sometimes I lose sight of that).

One of the main questions during the tour was how long I’ve been writing. I wrote during high school but never with any intention of publishing. In college, my creative outlet was music. Later I got into the beaded jewelry craze, but that phased out after my son was born (beads and toddlers don’t mix well). In the meantime, I would write when the muse struck, and eventually I had a half-dozen novels (or, more specifically, parts and pieces of). What you see on the site now are those seeds finally growing into something!

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