“No Easy Day” Lacks Emotional Punch

“No Easy Day” Lacks Emotional Punch

 If you are interested in recent history (especially as pertains to Taliban and Afghanistan/Iraq war), Mark Owens No Easy Day is for you. If you’re looking for emotion and how what he experienced impacted his life, his relationships, his psyche… you won’t find it in this book.

Perhaps I am biased; as a fiction writer fascinated with military characters, I am more interested in “after the war” and what soldiers experience when the bullets aren’t flying. I think (and I certainly hope) that killing people (and seeing them killed, or friends killed) would have a psychological impact on a person, Navy SEAL or not.

But this book was pretty much all factual. I looked everywhere, but only twice did I detect emotion (one of which was disgust directed toward Osama bin Laden). Only once did he mention the families of the SEALs, and that was basically “it’s better not to say too much.” Huh?? For me, not a very satisfying read.

I would have had more respect for him if he’d shared his inner turmoil (the final chapter hints at it, so I guess there was some) and how he came to grips with what he’d seen and done during his tours. I mean, if you’re going to write a book on this topic, why not lay it all on the line?

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