"Not So Much" Public Reading

"Not So Much" Public Reading

This was a busy weekend – seemed like every type of activity was “kicking off” or “starting up” (I was back at taiko too!) so I thank the local publications that DID mention our book features and readings on Sunday.

We managed to complete only TWO readings (myself and one of my writing group peers). This was due to the fact that there was a band shell not far from our booth, which featured various musical artists throughout the day. They were good and enjoyable and really not that loud – but still not something we could compete with.

I did not sell a single book, nor did my two peers with whom I shared the space. It did, however, teach me something important: literary crowds (however nice they are) are not where I will find readers for Last Chance Rescue. I need to find the physically active people (and the romance readers). So chalk that one up to experience…

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