On the Subject of Singing

On the Subject of Singing

Last year I recorded backup vocals for a friend’s CD project (see Mark Cameron “Life of Illusion” at http://cdbaby.com/cd/cameronmark). One of the songs (“Since I Met You”) even garnered radio play in France! This week I found myself back in ‘rehearsal’ — for both potential live gigs (I’ve already missed two) AND a new CD project.

Producing a music project is akin to writing a book, I’ve decided: they’re both highly creative and highly PERSONAL endeavors (not to mention a hell of a lot of time and work, and not always appreciated the way us ‘artists’ would like). And yet the music project is highly collaborative — much more so than writing a novel. (The closest I come is when I’m picking the brain of a SME — Subject Matter Expert — like the Physical Therapist I befriended while writing “Last Chance Rescue”). And there’s something about the band members’ comeraderie and shared energy (and working together toward a shared goal) that I enjoy.

And, of course, I enjoy the singing. I wanted to keep practicing “Difficult Kind” (Sheryl Crow) all night! All the way home (50-minute drive) I kept thinking: I should have put that “Girl Band” together back when I was younger!

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