Paranormal Medical Suspense

Paranormal Medical Suspense

CJ Lyons is a terrific medical suspense author, which is one of my favorite genres (and I incorporate elements of medical suspense into my novels as well).

With Lucidity, Lyons has injected the paranormal element into medical suspense. Usually paranormal is not my thing. But CJ Lyons has never let me down, so off I went on my Kindle.

If this had NOT been CJ Lyons, I might not have re-opened this novel when I took a break at about 29 percent (weird that we now refer to book locations this way, as opposed to “page 62”).

There were seven (or maybe eight) character points-of-view. That might work for some readers, but to me, it’s too many. At 29 percent, I didn’t know how these characters were going to impact each other, I didn’t know which ones to care about (although the evil ones were obvious). To the author’s credit, she pulled them all together, but that’s over a third of the way through the book and probably would have lost me had it been any other writer.

The characters were a bit too stereotypical. The only one I found myself wondering about was Doctor Emberek. Would he step up to become a man of principle, one worthy of the reader’s respect?

As I mentioned, paranormal is not my thing. Dead people coming back to life, a historical backstory of a lost civilization… just a little too much of a reach for me. Romance readers (who like paranormal) will like the premise of this book, though: true love conquers all. The climax was certainly the best part of the book (and the only place where I couldn’t put the book down) – CJ did not disappoint in that regard.

I would rate it 3.5 stars…I have to wonder if CJ had set my expectations too high with her other books?!

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