Permission to Walk Away

Permission to Walk Away

The synopsis for True Surrender is as finished as it’s going to be. (We’ll see how long that lasts!)

But an interesting thing happened during the 5-month-long writing of the (2-page!) synopsis. I found some things I wanted to change to make the main character’s personal transformation more believable and compelling. The challenge, as usual, is to integrate the changes into the storyline!

There was also a chapter I hadn’t finished. I knew what affect I wanted to have on the character (Major Aaron Bricewick) by chapter’s end, but I hadn’t been able to nail down THE sequence that gives it strong ‘impact-ability’ … probably because I’d worked too closely on the novel for so long (2 years and counting).

In the four weeks since I gave myself permission to accept the synopsis and walk away from the project for awhile (I even worked on a short story idea for a bit), at least ONE of these issues has become clearer to me (the unfinished chapter).

So perhaps these unexpected benefits of the process of writing the synopsis will make the time I’ve spent worth it (believe me, I’ve questioned that many times!). Certainly it will make for a stronger story!

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