Political Novel: Missing Ingredient

Political Novel: Missing Ingredient

I’m not a big fan of political novels or courtroom dramas. But I try to read widely, and so it happens that I just finished Richard North Patterson’s “Eclipse.”

I tend to be more interested in character development and change. Which – given the topic of this book – could have been served up in spades. However, I felt the dialogue was stilted and limited, and that the reader was never allowed to get too deep into the characters (the main character was referred to by his last name throughout the book, adding to my general sense of standoffishness). If it hadn’t been for the attraction between the two main characters (the lawyer and the activist’s wife) I may not have finished it.

I will say that the ending was, in my opinion, compelling (though certainly not happy) and memorable. But my reaction to this novel was, overall, only lukewarm. If you like political novels and/or courtroom drama, you may enjoy this one.

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