Producing a Song for a Music Video

Producing a Song for a Music Video

Last month I mentioned a “top secret” project I was working on.

Who am I kidding? Nothing I do is that secretive!

So here’s what it is… my second music video.

This video is the polar opposite of my first video (The Rose Surrender Version). It’s a rockin’ remake of an 80s biker song, and the video will emphasize women bikers (on their OWN bikes) – a topic near and dear to my heart.

It’s surprising how much goes into a four-minute video. Since this is a “learning experience” for me, I’m wearing a lot of hats. Over the next few posts, I’m going to talk about some of them.

I’ll start with the song itself.

This is my second cover song, and I’ve performed on other musicians’ albums, but this is the first time as the song producer. In other words, I have the final say about every little thing (“should this instrument be louder or softer? Are the vocal tracks the right volume in relation to each other? Should we drop the tambourine from these three lines?” And so on…) It sounds cool, but there were so many times I was like “ummm, well…”!

I got lucky with the music in two ways: first, I had Tim (of Fates Maze). He laid the base and piano tracks, let me use his studio and equipment to record the vocals, and was my sound engineer (mixer). Second, big thanks to my friend Chad Holm for the guitar work. Chad’s a phenomenal player but he doesn’t seem to know it; I can’t think of another guitarist so humble and low-profile!

I wanted the song to be complete by the time we shot the video so that I could lip-sync during the video. This will make matching up the video action with the audio song track much easier when we get to video editing. I just didn’t know it would take as long as it did…

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