Read my Next Novel – for FREE. Here’s How!

Read my Next Novel – for FREE. Here’s How!

Read my Next Novel – for FREE. Here’s How!

TakeTwoCover_webI’m giving away my next novel.

Yep, you heard correctly. I’ll be posting a new installment of Take Two every week starting March 6 (the book’s official release is late summer/early fall).

Take Two is about an up-and-coming actor who is poisoned on the set. When he’s “forced” to recover at the director’s home (with her teenage daughters) he’s in for the surprise of his life. (Read more here.)

How can you follow the adventures of Zac and Gina’s “Hollywood Romance with a Twist”? Three ways:

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  • Check my blog every Wednesday (a good plan only if your memory is better than mine!)
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And to whet your appetite, please enjoy the opening paragraphs of Take Two: a Hollywood Romance with a Twist:

                Zac Davies peered at his co-star through a haze of dancing spots that reminded him of times as a kid when his parents’ old TV went to static. He still managed his lines, but they were flat, even to his own ears. He took a step toward Lydia and stumbled.
                “Cut!” The director called.
                Damn it.
                Zac ducked his head, raking his hand through his hair. The Vicoden had held the headache at bay — so far — but these dizzy spells were another matter…

2 thoughts on “Read my Next Novel – for FREE. Here’s How!

  1. Lorrie Anson

    Great idea for drumming up interest in your book that will hopefully translate into sales later on down the road. I enjoyed the opening paragraphs and will be waiting to read more.

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