Reflections on a Second Anniversary

Reflections on a Second Anniversary

It has been two years this month since Last Chance Rescue was released. I can’t believe it’s been that long!

So I’m feeling somewhat reflective about that … and a little disappointed. In my naivette, I had hoped Last Chance Rescue would have a greater reach. I didn’t know then (and I only know a little more now) how difficult it would be to market a book on my own.

I had also hoped to have my next novel, titled “True Surrender,” completed by now, with letters sent off to agents in the hope that I can find a publisher (so that the book might ‘live larger’ than Last Chance has).

But there are the realities of life. This past year has been difficult for many businesses, and Leader Motorcycle (which I own and operate) has been no different. It has required my all (and then some). Luckily I love what I do. But the “writing life” was put on hold for a good portion of 2009.

I also have no desire to miss out on time with my children (7 and 2-1/2). Nathan’s art was one of only TWO chosen from his entire school to be displayed at the State Capitol (St. Paul, MN) for the month of March (“Young Artists Month”). And Evelyn is showing a true gift for singing (just like her mom, some might say!). I’ve kept up on my taiko studies, but the flight lessons were put on hold in November (and have yet to resume).

Together my husband and I have also undertaken a new service: training to be Marriage Mentors through our church. We feel a true calling to this, as we’ve been through a marital crisis ourselves and we see so many marriages hurting these days.

Many of you have asked how I do so many things and pursue so many interests. The answer has increasingly been, “I don’t … not really …not now.” I’m just like most of you: the majority of my time is spent working or caring for my children.

So where does that leave writing? A distant fifth or sixth, from what I’ve written above. But my life is full and I feel blessed. I will continue to write when I can. “True Surrender” will get finished (and it will be worth the wait!). So thanks for the support you’ve shown, and for sharing Last Chance Rescue with anyone you can think of.

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