Romance at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally – and You Could Win a Free Book Feb 4-14!

Romance at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally – and You Could Win a Free Book Feb 4-14!

Romance at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally – and You Could Win a Free Book Feb 4-14!

If you’ve come from the “Romance is in the Air” blog hop, an extra special welcome!

Romance-is-in-the-air-2015Romance is always in the air for bikers (and biker chicks) – especially those who work at LazLo’s Dream Machines, a custom bike shop featured in my new series (A Biker’s Kiss).

The first LazLo employee we meet is Vince. Vince thinks kissing is overrated and doesn’t much like it (although it hasn’t stopped him from getting what he wants from women). Can Tori change his mind?

She moved cat-like toward him, and he dropped his foot to the ground to stabilize the bike. Instead of mounting behind him as he’d anticipated, she placed both hands on his shoulders and swung a leg over the tank, straddling it so that she was facing him.

Oh, yeah, this series is all about the KISS! And as part of the amorous event known as Valentine’s Day, I’m participating in the “Romance is in the Air” blog hop February 4-14. As part of that hop, I’m giving away a digital copy of “A Biker’s Kiss”!

I’m not sophisticated enough to run special software to track entries, so this is how to enter:

  1. Email me! Send to Tracey (at) and let me know you heard about the giveaway through the blog hop. While you’re at it, tell me what appealed to you about my blog, my site or the topics I write about (bikers, soldiers & celebrities) – I love to hear from readers!
  2. Make a comment on this post or ANY of my blog posts (my software will let me know when you do) You can include your email address in a format like this: tracey (at) to avoid spam-bots picking up your email address.

Note: I must have your email address as part of the entry; it is also where the prize will be sent.

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P.S. If you like intelligent biker fiction, you’ll also enjoy Take Two: a Hollywood Romance. A Harley-riding Hollywood director and single mom’s personal life collides with that of her leading man when he is poisoned on the set.

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