Romance or um … Relationship?

Romance or um … Relationship?

I am sometimes asked if “Last Chance Rescue” is a romance novel.

My answer is: If you are a romance book reviewer, or a die-hard romance novel fan, then YES.

I’m joking a bit, but here’s the truth: It’s so much more!

The overarching theme of “Last Chance Rescue” is not a romance, but rather, is about how Brad is transformed over the course of the story. Yes, there IS a relationship (and that’s the key word) that turns into something more than friendship as the story progresses. And yes, Brad’s changes are ‘facilitated’ by a remarkable woman…

Brad and Jessie start out as mere acquaintances, but by working on a search-and-rescue team, they are forced to learn to trust each other in ways that us ‘ordinary folk’ don’t have to — and they become fast friends. So you might say it’s about how guys and girls can operate as friends, but it also brings into play the theme of being friends before lovers.

I have nothing against the ‘typical’ romance novel. But in “Last Chance Rescue,” the characters grapple with so much more. They are multi-faceted, multi-challenged personalities. And isn’t that more like your life too? It’s a rare time in our lives when the ‘only’ thing we have to deal with is a ‘blossoming’ romance!

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