Scripts & Screenplays

I consider myself a fictional writer first and foremost; novels are my preferred storytelling “venue.” However, I also have a fascination with using video to tell a story (see Music Videos). As it turns out (and somewhat to my own surprise), I can also write scripts!

RestlessBeat_imageRestless Beat (aka Taiko True)

Restless Beat started as a taiko drumming composition. But the drum players were characters, and it turned out several of them had stories they wanted told. The result is a series of shorter scripts that also incorporate the dynamic of taiko drum playing. Each script/story centers on one or two members of the taiko club (Taiko True) who are struggling for meaning, respect and love – and the chance to overcome the demons in their tragic pasts. See this YouTube Playlist for teaser videos!


truesurrender_ebook_cover02True Surrender

I guess you could say I fell in love with the wounded warrior hero (Aaron Bricewick) in my novel True Surrender. His story was one I just always wanted to show as well as tell – a desire that only increased when I produced a music video and book trailer using actual scenes from the novel. In this day and age, his struggle with amputation and PTSD really resonates with the public – and I especially wanted to show how his struggle ultimately leads to a new kind of courage and overcoming. This is a full-length script that I hope to one day see come to life!

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