Sensual/Erotica Short Story

I don’t write erotica into my full-length novels (although there are sex scenes in them). But every once in awhile I enjoy writing something a little more naughty or more racy. I call these “sensual fiction,” because the characters are usually fleshed out in my mind, and the erotic experience is impacted by some situation in their lives (not just by the fact that they have an instantaneous sexual attraction to each other).

“Re-Ignited” (a teaser for upcoming publication)

Eleven years.
Thirteen since they’d been lovers.
It was like another lifetime — a different person.

When Tess re-connects with her college boyfriend, she finds herself re-thinking life’s choices and fighting a battle against the immense magnetism that still exists between them. Will she put her marriage in jeopardy for a second chance with Brandon? (Fair warning: Re-ignited is Rated R due to sexual content.)

“Sexual scene is done with verve and class. Love it!” – Natasha Perry, author of “Ruined Hearts”

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