Should she believe him? (Excerpt from novel-in-progress)

Should she believe him? (Excerpt from novel-in-progress)

“Mom, what took you so long?”

“Just adult talk, sweetie.” Surely Nicholas wouldn’t notice the flush in her face. Her cheek, her ear, her neck all felt like they were on fire.

Aaron had always affected her this way – physically, sexually. But what of his comment about love? She was wise enough now to know that allowing herself to love him again would be a bad move. He did not know how to make the kind of commitment she would seek from a man.

But how to deny the desire – the tingling from her head to her toes – that she felt when Aaron touched her? She’d had a few dates about a year after Todd passed, but she hadn’t been intimate with a man in a long time. Could they…?

Not a good idea, she told herself sternly. They had confused lust with love once before, and it had cost her dearly.

Damn, but I do miss it..

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