Should Taiko True be a Stage Play or a Movie (Watch the Trailer!)

Should Taiko True be a Stage Play or a Movie (Watch the Trailer!)

It took two years, but Taiko True finally has a new ‘expression’ – the trailer is done!

Originally I just wanted to compose a taiko piece. My friend Brett and I got the first ‘movement’ done… and I was stuck. This happened to be around New Years, and during that quieter time, the lead taiko players (male and female) ‘told’ me they wanted their story told.

I resisted; I had other writing projects in progress. But they were insistent… so I did. And then I wrote a ‘prequel’ to their story about how the drum corps came to be.

And then… hmm. I wasn’t sure what to do with it. Thanks to Brett, the project didn’t wither, but rather, simmered for a while. During that time, I was exploring my fascination with fusing storytelling/song/imagery using video (see Cool Rider video).

So while the original plan was to make Taiko True a stage performance (to that end, we even submitted to the Fringe Festival here in Minnesota, although we were not drawn in the lottery), I’ve become more and more convinced that Taiko True could be a fantastic film/video story.

tt_dual_imageVideo would allow us to tell ALL the characters’ stories, either in separate films or in the newest mode of distribution, the “webisode.” It would allow us to shoot the mugging scene (for example) in an actual alley or on a street rather than being limited to what a stage can portray. And perhaps most appealing to me: the reach is exponential. A stage presentation, while incredible, would only reach a small geographical area, and then only those who are free on those particular dates.

The drawback? It’s difficult to capture – on camera – the raw energy of playing big Japanese taiko drums.

However, in recent months I’ve come across a few other video projects that have come closer to accomplishing this. Choreography and the skill of the camera person will no doubt play a huge role, so finding the right people for those jobs will be key.

Can we do it? I don’t know. Certainly I can’t do it alone. But I’m not ready to quit trying. I am now in the process of looking for a producer/partner who knows filming, has some background in financing a film, and can help figure out how distribution would work. (If you know anyone, please drop me a note!)

It’s a lot – especially when I’m still trying to be a ‘lowly’ novel/novella writer, work the family business full-time and raise my kids. In my usual fashion, I will keep plodding away. After all, persistence is 90 percent of production, right?!

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  1. Jill Bisker

    Tracey – Love your trailer with the drumming. It has a great sound and I love how you have the drums “speak” for you.

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