Sneak Peek: Last Chance Rescue (chapter 4)

Sneak Peek: Last Chance Rescue (chapter 4)

Sneak Peek: Last Chance Rescue (chapter 4)

Brad gritted his teeth. The water ran faster than usual for this area of Colorado—thanks to an early snowstorm and subsequent thaw—and the wind was bitterly cold for mid-October. The icy liquid cut through his wetsuit and tightened like a vise around his chest, making it difficult to get a deep breath. His arms ached and he could no longer feel his hands or feet. He wasn’t sure how much longer he could hold out.

“Winch!” It was his partner, Ryan. Brad looked up to see the tag line snap taut across the stream.

Ryan had barely fastened the Ryan had barely fastened the rescue harness on Brad before Brad plunged into the water, making a lunge for the missing person they’d been sent to find.

He’d managed to catch the edge of the man’s jacket before the current could carry the man out of reach. Brad wrapped his arms and legs around him, trusting the belay rope to arrest their downstream motion.

– Swift water rescue scene from LAST CHANCE RESCUE

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