Storm Chaser: More Romance, Less Storm

Storm Chaser: More Romance, Less Storm

There was never a time in Storm Chaser when I felt the momentum flag – and that’s pretty unusual in my experience. Every event in the book had a purpose in moving the story forward or developing the characters. But if you are looking for lots of storm chasing (like the movie “Twister”) you might be disappointed; this story was definitely about Allie and Chance’s romance-to-be.

As an ex-Army paramedic and a writer who draws on those experiences, I especially enjoyed the emergency scenes (there’s a chemical spill and a fire). They weren’t overly technical, the human aspects were the focus, and they served to impact the character development.

Speaking of characters…the author managed to stay away from stereotypical characters for the most part (Chance was a little borderline). The klutzy private investigator was a stitch, as were some of the small-town residents.

The only thing that kept this book from being a five-star read is that it wasn’t quite believable that Allie couldn’t admit to her secret to Chance … which really wasn’t a big secret at all (I don’t want to give it away here). Perhaps if there had been more background or current interaction with her father I might have been convinced…or if her father had turned out to be a terrible ogre when we finally ‘meet’ him for a few pages near the end…

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  1. Mark R Hunter

    Thanks for the review, Tracey! Allie *thinks* her father is a terrible ogre … 🙂 I hope you liked it enough to stick around the the Storm Chaser related short story collection that’s coming out in May, 2012 … I wanted to explore the characters’ past a bit more.

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