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Mixing business with pleasure…

For Vince, general manager of Dream Machines Custom Motorcycles, the annual trip to the world famous motorcycle rally in Sturgis, South Dakota is never about just business. Every year there are plenty of cool bikes and hot women, both of them ready for a laid-back joyride. But this year the boss sent along the company’s newest hire—a woman. And Tori is all business.

Kissing is overrated…

She may manage the order process at Dream Machines, but with a degree in biology, Tori isn’t just another pretty face. As Vince and Tori become a finely-tuned team in the sales booth, he also discovers she’s not as straight-laced as he’d thought. Then late one night he reveals a secret he’s never shared with anyone—and the reason he doesn’t like kissing.

Never too late to learn…

The fact that Vince avoids kissing has never stopped him from getting what he wants from women. But Tori is determined to teach him what he’s been missing: Slow, sweet, mind-blowing, heart-racing kissing. But when their fragile new romance is threatened, will Tori kiss him goodbye? Does what happens in Sturgis only last as long as the rally? Or can Vince find it in himself to make the kissing last forever?

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