Taiko Drumming

The best way to describe this might be: “a cross between martial arts and banging on really BIG drums.”

But as I’ve studied and practiced, it’s become so much more.

Taiko is a Japanese-based art that is as much form and coordinated movement as actual drumming (which is why it appeals to me). It’s very physical and high energy. I get a good workout when I play, but I am also part of a team effort.

Taiko Drumming has taken many forms, from traditional Japanese taiko to more “Westernized” taiko, which is often fused with other musical instruments and even dance choreography and martial arts movements.

My fascination with this art form led me to experiment with composing my own taiko piece. For more about that, and the resulting script about a taiko club, see Scripts. To see “Phase I” of Taiko True, click here.

My Taiko Drum playlist from YouTube: