Taiko Honto: My First Script Features a Taiko Drumming Club

Taiko Honto: My First Script Features a Taiko Drumming Club

Taiko Honto: My First Script Features a Taiko Drumming Club

In late 2011, I decided to write a taiko drumming composition. I’d been studying taiko for about three years, and I asked my friend Brett to help out. Within two months, I had the first “movement” of the composition, which featured a male and female “lead” player … and I was stuck.

I’ve always been a musicals junkie – starting with Grease back in the early 80s, and more recently Moulin Rouge…Abba…even High School Musical. I’m also a HUGE fan of high-drama musical/theater productions (think Phantom of the Opera).

What do these two things have to do with a script? Hang on, I’m getting there…

This happened to be around the holidays, and after the rush of Christmas, I had a very nice lull in which these two “lead” taiko players told me very distinctly that they had a story to tell.

TaikoTrue_COVER_webI resisted. After all, I just wanted to compose a taiko piece (just to see if I could do it!). I didn’t want to write an entire story (I already had so many in process)! But I’m a storyteller at heart, and combined with my recent experience producing videos that tell a story, I couldn’t get these two characters out of my head. Shortly after the New Year, I called Brett and said, “Would you still be interested in this project if it’s much bigger?”

Taiko Honto

I had no idea where this project would go; I just knew I had to follow my heart and write the story. Taiko Honto is actually two stories centered around members of a taiko club who are struggling for meaning, respect and love – and the chance to overcome the demons in their tragic pasts.

As cool as these characters’ stories are, the project is too big for me now. The script is just a framework, and my dream is to bring others into the project and see what it is meant to be. I’ll be looking for an independent producer, for starters. If you or someone you know has the ability to pull people together and is looking for a very cool project (both theatrical and film), unlike anything done before, please contact me.

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