“Take Two” Free Novel Excerpt #6: Confrontation

“Take Two” Free Novel Excerpt #6: Confrontation

TakeTwoCover_webWelcome to free novel excerpt #6 of my upcoming book, Take Two: a Hollywood Romance with a Twist – coming to you from Scottsdale, AZ, where I am attempting to sell motorcycle accessories for our family business, Leader Motorcycle.

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Even though she was watching for him and mentally preparing for it, Gina was still startled when she heard Sylvester’s angry voice at the nurse’s station. “Where the hell is my actor?”

She strode toward him. “Syl.”

“What the hell, Gina?” He turned his piercing gaze on her. “You drag my actor off the set without alerting me?”

“There was no time, Syl,” she said. “He’s very sick.”

“He passed out,” Syl said. “What, too much partying last night? The kid’s got a lot of nerve…”

“It’s not like that,” she said. “The doctor thinks he’s got food poisoning.”

“I want him back on the set tomorrow.”

It was as if the man hadn’t even heard what she said! She’d worked with Sylvester a long time but…damn, this was just too much. “This is a human being we’re talking about, Syl,” Gina said sternly. “Not a robot or a part you can simply replace.”

“I should replace him,” Sylvester said. “These actors get a big head, think the film is all about them.”

Gina lost her grip on civility. “If you want to fire Zac, then you might as well fire me, too. Because I don’t want to work for someone who places more importance on a film than on a human being.”

That shut him up, but only momentarily. “There’s a lot of money riding on this being pulled off on schedule.”

“So you’re saying the money is also more important than Zac’s life.”

“You’re getting dramatic,” he said. “The kid is sick, not dying. I’m just saying…”

“I know what you’re saying,” she said disgustedly. “Who do you think slaved over the schedule? We’ve shot almost half the footage. If you fire him now, I’ll quit too. You’ll have to find a new director and a new leading man and re-shoot it all. Then your schedule truly will be screwed.”

He opened his mouth in astonishment, but she cut him off. “But just as important, the work Zac’s done up to now has been damn good. And you know it.”

She stared at him until he was forced to respond. “Yeah, the kid’s done some good stuff,” he muttered.

“Send everyone home for the weekend,” she said. “By then we’ll have a better idea when Zac can come back. Hell, it might not even be long for all we know.”

“It better not be,” Syl growled. But he was already backing up, looking about the hospital with obvious distaste. “Well, then…”

“I’ll take care of the details here,” she said. “You put the word out at the set.”

“Fine,” he said. “I’ll tell them as little as possible. Make sure this is kept quiet. The last thing we need is tabloid rumors.”

Gina waited until he’d left, then let out her breath. Slowly, count to ten…

She jumped when she heard the doctor’s voice behind her. “Miss Devereaux? I’m Mr. Davies’ specialist, Thomas Carrini. I’m a nephrologist, and I specialize in diseases related to the kidneys.”

Gina took his hand. He was only an inch taller than her and probably the same age, but she noticed right away that his eyes were kind.

“I need to talk to you about Zac,” he said.

“Can it wait?” she said. “We should be able to reach his family soon.”

“I don’t think so,” the doctor said. “Nothing turned up in Zac’s stomach contents. At least, nothing we could identify that would make him sick. We need to run blood tests to check his liver function.”

“Is that serious?”

“It depends on what we find,” he said.


©2013 Tracey Cramer-Kelly

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