“Take Two” Hollywood Romance Novel – “the Big Share” #2

“Take Two” Hollywood Romance Novel – “the Big Share” #2

TakeTwoCover_webWelcome to Installment #2 of my upcoming novel, Take Two: a Hollywood Romance with a Twist – which I am sharing for FREE every week! Click here for details on how to follow the story of Zac and Gina!


Gina stood behind Camera Two, squinting at the actors.  She had serious doubts they’d get any usable footage this day, and it was becoming harder to keep her frustration in check. If they didn’t get it this time, she was calling it a day regardless of Sylvester’s opinion. “Action!” she called for the fifth time.

Had she been wrong about Zac’s ability? Wrong in thinking that she’d be able to bring out the best in him? Maybe those first weeks were just too good to be true?

She watched him closely. She may have been the only one to notice the slight slur on his first lines. Then he sharpened. He took his co-star, Lydia Grant, by the hand as he spun off his lines.

                Damn, we just might get this.

Lydia took over with her lines as they moved between the trees as scripted. The cameras followed, and so did Gina.

The script called for Lydia to stumble and Zac to catch her, but it didn’t go as planned.

Instead, Zac got dragged down with Lydia.

Gina didn’t call a stop to the action; rather, she waited to see what they would do. She knew her camera people would follow her lead, and so would the actors. If it wasn’t good, they wouldn’t use it; that’s what post-production was for. But experience had taught her that every now and then, while deep in character, the camera could catch something in the actors’ performance that just…worked. Better than the script.

Zac stayed down as Lydia got to her knees. She produced a demure chuckle and offered him her hand. Gina was focused on the small movements of the hand, the face, the eye as Zac got to his feet. So she was probably the first to notice Zac’s face go pale.

Then, as if in slow motion, his eyes rolled back into his head. His body seemed to crumple and he toppled backward.

©2013 Tracey Cramer-Kelly


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