Take Two: a Hollywood Romance (Book One in the Lady Biker Series)

indieTakeTwo_COVER_NEW_FA Harley-riding Hollywood director and single mom’s life collides with her leading man’s when he is poisoned on the set.

For Zac Davies, acting has been a way to live someone else’s life ever since his parents were killed. This is his Big Break—and he can’t afford to screw it up.

Director Gina Devereaux has made a name for herself despite the fact that a past humiliation—and broken heart—nearly cost her her career. She’s not about to let anyone close enough to do that again. Especially an actor.

But when Zac is poisoned and falls terribly ill, and the producer threatens to destroy everything he and Gina have worked for, she puts her reputation on the line…and allows Zac into her life until he recovers.

Away from the set Zac discovers that Gina is not who he thought she was. She and her daughters give him a whole new outlook on life…and an unexpected gift.

LadyBikerSeries_LogoBut once back on set, Zac and Gina’s friendship is sorely tested. In the media frenzy that follows, Zac fears that his tragic past and uncertain future have become the story. He must decide where his heart lies: in the world of bright lights and fame…or in the arms of a motorcycle-riding, small-town-at-heart woman with a big chip on her shoulder.

(This novel is Book 1 in The Lady Biker Series and Part of the Cool Rider Project)

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Longer Description: Take Two: a Hollywood Romance

Hollywood actor Zac Davies has finally gotten his Big Break. But someone doesn’t want to see him succeed.

When he faints during a film shoot, then gets violently ill in director Gina Devereaux’s trailer, it’s the beginning of a downward spiral toward kidney failure. As the doctors try to figure out what kind of toxic poison Zac has ingested, Gina must try to figure out WHO fed him the poisonous substance.

Although Gina is almost ready to hang up her Hollywood directing career and stay home with her two teenaged daughters, she never dreamed she’d be giving her producer an ultimatum when he threatens to fire Zac … or that she’d invite Zac into her home to recover from his medical emergency.

As Zac adjusts to life with dialysis, Gina’s relationship with her teenage daughters is a painful reminder of the death of his parents, and an unexpected source of hope. Away from the set, Zac discovers that single mother Gina is not what he thought – and he certainly never took her for a Harley-riding biker chick.

After a particularly stressful event, Zac joins Gina on her motorcycle, discovering a new passion … and when they attend a biker charity event together, sparks of a different kind ignite.

But a movie set is no place for a workplace romance – even if Gina was willing. The producer is breathing down their necks. Zac’s co-star has her own family emergency. The celebrity stalker sends a chilling message. And the paparazzi is digging for information about Zac’s illness and looking to create a movie star romance out of nothing.

When the movie wraps, Zac finds himself in a public relations nightmare, accused of something he didn’t do. He turns to Gina for help, and in the process realizes he’s let the most important relationship of his life slip away.

As the Hollywood glamour machine cranks up to full volume for the premier of their movie, all Zac can think about is convincing Gina that an actor can remain passionate to one woman. His stalker is equally determined that Zac belongs to her, and she will stop at nothing to have him – even ‘eliminating the competition.’

Will Zac be able to save Gina … and win her love forever?

Take Two includes an older woman/younger man romance, a medical drama in the tradition of “E.R,” and inspirational elements of Christian faith.

Take Two is Book One in the Lady Biker Series. Watch for the adventures of Gina’s fellow lady riders/friends Willow, Andie and Sabrina in future books!