The Definition of Erotica (and is it different than “Sensual Fiction”)?

The Definition of Erotica (and is it different than “Sensual Fiction”)?

Being it’s winter and supposedly a “slower” time, I decided to join an online class on how to do a better job of writing about sex (and maybe I’ll figure out if the short story I’ve written falls under the genre of “erotica”). Though the class has only just begun, it got me thinking about the sensual scenes (that’s what I call them anyway) in my published novels.

I try to write scenes with sexual tension rather than actual sex – which I find more difficult than an actual sex scene in some ways … but so much more powerful! I also like to place that tension in unexpected places or situations. Here is an example from my novel Last Chance Rescue:

He sank to his bed when she went to the bathroom, not bothering to turn on the overhead light. He fumbled with the clasps on his leg brace for a few moments, then lay propped on his elbows—uncomfortable, exhausted and frustrated.

“You really don’t feel good, do you?” She was at his side.

He shook his head. He reached for the brace again, but she laid her hand on his.

“Let me,” she said softly.

Slowly he reclined.

One by one she released the clasps on his leg brace. She moved with slow deliberation, as if she were undressing him. When she’d removed the brace she let it fall to the floor, one hand still resting on his leg. She sat on the bed next to him and reached for the ankle zipper on his workout pants.

He couldn’t take his eyes from her as she unzipped his pants from his ankle to above his knee. He found himself wanting her touch…anticipating it…needing it.

I don’t plan to change the way I write. But, it will be interesting to stretch myself (I have a couple ideas in mind) and maybe get a little more, er … graphic with my descriptions!

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