The Firefighter Files: Is This an Offer?

The Firefighter Files: Is This an Offer?

The Firefighter Files: Is This an Offer?

In my last post, I ended by saying I’d left my future in God’s hands; if I was supposed to become a firefighter in my forties, it was up to Him!

A week after my interview, I received a call from the East Bethel Fire Chief asking me to meet with him. Thinking this was my “second interview,” I was surprised when he started talking about training, schedules, pagers and gear. In fact, I had to ask him: “Is this an offer?”

I guess part of me just didn’t believe it.

The answer: it’s a provisional offer (which means I still have to be approved by the City Council, pass a physical agility test, a medical and a background check). But since the Chief saw no reason my appointment wouldn’t go through, he asked me to attend the quarterly staff meeting too!

I drove home in a bit of a haze. I talked to my family – again! – about how this would impact our lives. After all, training is two nights/week plus some Saturdays and takes close to a year (leaving hubby to do the child shuttling). It’s a little intimidating, but way better than two years and ME shelling out the bucks! (Besides, a year goes by fast.) And once I’m taking calls there will be times I’ll have to leave my kids on their own.

Still, the overall feeling by the next morning was awe. Awe that God had led me back to a field in which I’ve had a lifelong interest – and in a way that works in my life and family.

The First Staff Meeting

I confess I’m not sure how useful this meeting was; I was pretty clueless about many of the things covered in it. But I did meet a few of my co-workers, and that’s where everything has to start.

Next: City Council meeting next week is “more a formality” according to the Fire Chief. Then: physical agility test. Stay tuned!

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