The Making of a Music Video

The Making of a Music Video

The Making of a Music Video

I am humbled. I am exhilarated. I am … tired.

Saturday was a 12-hour day. We shot scenes from True Surrender at a Physical Therapy Department and a cemetery – and we took over a friend’s condo. (There were clothes everywhere and six of us tripping over them; when we packed up and left it looked like we’d had one hell of a pajama party.)

And it was a party…sort of…for me, at least.  Because few writers get to see their work come to life the way I got to yesterday. And that is a pretty emotional thing.

Today we spent another three hours shooting footage of us singing along the banks of the Rum River…bringing my passion for singing together with my writing.

In the quiet after the chaos, I find myself strangely retrospective, almost sorry it’s over (though it’s not really – lots of editing to be done now). Part is of me amazed that we pulled it off – that the right people were brought into my life to make this happen.

Nick (production manager), who not only put it all together, but created an environment where everyone participated and made suggestions for the scenes. I have no doubt the entire video will be the better for it.

And the actors. What I can say about Zac and Jennifer? I am completely bowled over. In a short amount of time (ten scenes), they captured the characters’ sense of loss…guilt…internal struggle…desire…love. Anything we threw at them. And all without dialogue. They are a class act, and I have nothing but respect for their performance.

Thank you, thank you, thank you…

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