The Music Video Shoot: the Importance of the Team

The Music Video Shoot: the Importance of the Team

Wow. What to say about the video shoot for “Cool Rider,” which took place this past Saturday? I’m still in shock…awe…exhilarated…exhausted…

I’m in awe that once again, I got a great cast and crew to work with. Here’s a photo of some of them. Brett did double duty as manager/co-director as well as the “uptight executive.” Clint stepped in as Production Assistant only days before the shoot when my original hire dropped off the face of the earth, and he did double (maybe triple) duty with that bright sunlight bouncing off all that chrome. (When my friend Mike showed up we put him to work too!)

Mark, the cameraman, was so concerned that I like the end result that he spent extra time going over the script in person ahead of time. It paid off, and he got to do some fun things (from a camera guy perspective) like shoot video in a mirror and out the back and side of a moving van.

The “Pink Ladies” (not shown here) also came into the project late, and what a great addition! I can’t wait to put those scenes together. And then there’s my co-star, Tracy (yeah, that’s right, a Tracey and a Tracy, who we had to dub “TC” so we’d know which of us was getting direction). He was funny, he was sexy, he was supportive… and because of that I had the confidence to really ACT the part (thank goodness I didn’t have to memorize any dialogue!). For not being an actor, I think I did okay (I worked hard to get into the “Diva” persona) … I guess I’ll find out soon!

Special thanks go to my husband, who ferried bikes to the shooting location in the morning despite the fact he’d been up very late dealing with serious family crises. The only major blip in the road was the timing/schedule. We had to scrap the idea of shooting riding couples (which was my original desire). I hope the changes we made to the story will make up for it. And we went much later than expected – fourteen hours total!

The video shoot was a huge creative “burst” and it took an incredible amount of energy. Now comes the longer (more boring) job of reviewing all that footage and putting the story together in the video editing software…

One thought on “The Music Video Shoot: the Importance of the Team

  1. Tom Prouty

    Hey Tracey!
    I apologize that it has taken me this long to be in touch. I had some surgery and am just now starting to get back in gear.
    I just looked at your video. Sounds like you had a blast! I am anxious to see the finished product.
    I certainly did enjoying getting to know you girls at the “House of Harley”. We did have fun, didn’t we! Both you and Lynn were such a pleasure to be with.
    My project is moving forward. I’ll give you an update at some point.
    If you are ever in the Twin Cities, you are invited to our home. It would be very special if we could stay in touch.
    Be well!

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