The People You Meet at Harley-Davidson Events

The People You Meet at Harley-Davidson Events

The People You Meet at Harley-Davidson Events

I spent six days in Milwaukee at the Harley-Davidson 110th Anniversary, selling the motorcycle accessories that our family business (Leader Motorcycle) manufactures. It was pretty much all work (I don’t have the energy to go out at night after 12 hours on my feet in the heat and noise). But the thing about being in that business is that I meet the coolest people even when I’m working!


big dognew doggie friendBikers and their pets. It’s amazing how many animals I see riding around with their humans. I’ve posted photos on Leader’s Facebook page, but in Milwaukee I came across this roly-poly girl (she was licking my ankle) and this goggle-eyed guy draped over his human’s motorcycle.



pincushion flag bikewarrior bikeSoldiers. House of Harley hosted a Military Day, complete with displays from local units and a parade. I found this ‘flag pincushion’ motorcycle that day, as well as this amazing tank art. Motorcycles and patriotism seem to go together, and I love it that way (watch for more of that in my future stories).



Musicians. What are the odds we’d be placed next-door to a songwriter/musician (from my local area, no less!). It was a bonus for me, since I’m a musician myself. Tom has written over 50 songs, but his main goal in participating at this event was to get exposure for his song, “Harley David’s Son” – from people and from Harley-Davidson!

musicTom had this habit of inviting passing musicians into his booth to play and sing for us (as shown in this picture) so we were never bored even if the crowds were thin. The local TV station even interviewed him!

You can download his song for FREE right now, but I don’t know how long that will last. If I ever get a band together, we are SO covering this song!



customersgirly bikeFriends. I tried to talk my new friend Rhonda out of this ‘girlie’ motorcycle in the parking lot of our hotel… but she didn’t go for it (I thought it would go great with the new helmet I got from my hubby for my birthday this year). And then there’s ‘old’ friends; Leader has a reputation for high-quality products and service and we get a lot of repeat customers like this couple!

lynne_tlc_closeupOh, and the ‘photo gallery’ wouldn’t be complete without one of me and my mate (and Leader office manager), Lynne.


rainbowAt the end of the day… just when I thought I was exhausted and couldn’t handle one more day (the last day!) and was missing my kids… a Double Rainbow over our tent! Wow, I couldn’t have asked for a better sign that I was right where I was supposed to be: with the Bikers.

If you like biker events or the biker lifestyle, I do think you’d like my latest novel, Take Two: a Hollywood Romance. It’s the first book in my Lady Biker Series and stars a Harley-riding Hollywood director and an up-and-coming heartthrob actor!


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