The Vagabond Healer (creating believable healer characters)

The Vagabond Healer (creating believable healer characters)

Eddy has a hard time viewing his healing “gift” as such, rather than a curse, because people are afraid of what they don’t know, and their natural human tendency is to lash out when they are afraid. Eddy’s been on the receiving end of this one too many times when he comes into narrator Sam’s life.

I was drawn to this book because one of the main characters in my novel Last Chance Rescue (Jessie) has a healing power. I wanted to see how another author handled this topic, because I felt it was a delicate balance of telling the story I wanted to tell, while not stretching the reader’s belief too far.

I have to say I was not disappointed by this book. The narrator “voice” worked extremely well, and the author stayed in that voice (and POV) for the entire book. There was a lot of relational interaction and character change (which I like), a love interest/conflict, and even all the elements of a mystery. The climax was very well done AND it had a happy ending – my kind of book!

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