Things I Won’t Miss When I’m on the River

Things I Won’t Miss When I’m on the River

In just a couple days, I will be on a river in the middle of nowhere. No phone. No internet. No TV. No kids.

I can’t wait. For one thing, it’s the first summer vacation I’ve taken in twelve years. But most important, I will be completely “unplugged.” Here’s a few things I WON’T miss while I’m on the river.              

Blue Lights. That includes all computer screens (I’m doing it right now!), TV screens and even my smart phone screen.

Deadlines. I’ve got a crazy schedule sometimes. Work. Kids. Spouse. Writing. There are never enough hours in the day. But for these few days on the river, I just won’t care! I’ll live a life of simplicity. Eat. Paddle. Eat again. Watch flames in a campfire. Count stars instead of streetlights…

Bills. Some people love to shop. Not me. My idea of a true vacation doesn’t require me to be chained to my wallet. One of the brilliant aspects of a river trip is that there’s nothing to spend money on. In fact, we’re encouraged to leave it behind!

The Nemesis. We’ve all got them – the people who get under our skin. People who block our happiness or success. On the river, though, that memory will fade until it’s gone.

Chores. Ah, the never-ending gets a reprieve. I’m looking forward to guides who are eager to do things for me (like cooking gourmet meals!). That want me to relax by the fire as they clean up afterward!

So don’t email me next week. Don’t call me. I’ll be incommunicado!

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