Three New Reviews for True Surrender Military Romance

Three New Reviews for True Surrender Military Romance

Since the end of the year, three new reviews have been posted for True Surrender. That’s a really nice way to start out a new year! Here’s what they had to say:

I fell for the hero from the first page. He’s tormented by nightmares after being captured and tortured in Afghanistan and now suffers a leg amputation because of it. My heart ached for him, and all the men and women out there who go through what he does. Miss Kelly handles the injury and recovery very well, and the emotion of healing and dealing with the injury and loss of career–well done!!

The heroine, Holly, is the perfect mix of strong and sensitive, and caring and supportive for Aaron. She had her own tragic past to overcome and together they make a couple you can’t stop reading. I promise you will keep turning the pages in this book. Their intimate and personal and spiritual journeys converge and it is one heck of a ride!! ~ Jennifer

It was very hard to put this book down when life beckoned! I have always appreciated the men and women who serve to protect our country, but this book has made that appreciation grow stronger! The power of prayer is very true and I love being able to read about it in the context presented here! ~ Melissa

People come back into our lives in the most unexpected ways. Ten years ago Holly Rossiter and Aaron Bricewick broke up. Now Aaron has been tortured in Afghanistan and Holly is a member of the rehabilitation team caring for him. His recovery will be long and painful, assuming he survives at all.

Aaron needs her medical skills, but he also needs a friend. Holly can’t be both and her dilemma is which one would be best for Aaron, for her, and for her son, Nicholas.

My familiarity with this kind of situation goes back to the Vietnam era. Reading this book, I realized nothing had changed. Yes, it is a different kind of war and medical improvements have happened. The inner struggles are still the same for both returning soldiers and the people who love them, and, in the end, sometimes love accomplishes what high-tech medicine can’t.

As well as military and romance themes, it is a wonderful story about hope, determination, and the real costs of war. ~ Sharon

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