TIME: Obstacle AND Gift

TIME: Obstacle AND Gift

Today I had a very enjoyable interview with Ms. Tammy Sapp of Womens Outdoor Wire (http://www.womensoutdoorwire.com). One of the things I mentioned during the conversation stayed with me afterward, and it’s about TIME.

The greatest obstacle I have in my writing life is TIME. Writing takes a lot of TIME! And when you have a business to run (http://www.LeaderMotorcycle.com) and young children to rear, along with the commitments we adults tend to accumulate, it doesn’t leave much TIME for writing.

My writing time is usually between 9 and 11 pm — after my children are in bed and all is quiet, and IF (that’s a big “if” sometimes) I have any brain power left. It took me two years to complete “Last Chance Rescue”!

BUT — and this is the key — TIME has also been my biggest gift. What I mean by that is: I am given another day…EVERY DAY! A fresh slate every morning…to make what I will of it.

And therein lies my point: It’s important to me that I spend my time on the things that MATTER. Not by someone else’s definition, but my OWN. Every person is different, but to me, WRITING MATTERS. It is part of what fulfills ME (amongst many things, of course, but this IS an author blog, after all…)

It’s difficult to do sometimes — we are all busy and feel pulled in ten directions at once — but I make a conscious effort to evaluate how I’m spending my time. And every now and then, I even have to say “NO”!

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