Music has always been a passion. In high school I taught myself to play the guitar and performed in a swing choir. During college I sang back-ups for a local rock band and minored in vocal music. I even made a demo “tape” (that’s what they were called back then!) of three of my own songs. After college I sang with a Christian rock band and performed with the 3M Company’s performance choir, “Music Makers.”

Years Later…

My drummer friend John asked if I’d help out with some backup vocals with my old band-mates, Mark Cameron Band. I did, and one of the songs on their rock/blues album, “Since I Met You,” got some radio play. I went back to the studio with them for a more collaborative role, and started performing the occasional bar gig. My backup vocals feature in the band’s second album (Built to Bust).

Of course I had to try my own hand at it!

The Rose (Surrender Version) is  an upbeat, slightly bluesy version of Bette Midler’s classic song. Listen to a sample or download directly from iTunes or I worked with local actors to turn The Rose (Surrender Version) into a music video featuring scenes from my novel, True Surrender. Read more here!

The following year I released my second cover song, Cool Rider – with a companion music video (Girl sees guy. Girl wants guy. Girl gets guy… Biker style! Read more here!Cool Rider is the complete opposite of my first cover. A remake of the song from the movie Grease 2, it incorporates added layers of vocals and some fun “vamping” near the end. Listen to a sample or download it directly from or iTunes.

Fate’s Maze

More recently I’ve worked on a studio project with Fate’s Maze, again providing backup vocals and a few “cameos.” This band’s music is “hard rock with veins of metal and darkness” and the first album (Gothic Dreams) was released in 2012. In 2013 we released an original, Rise of a New Night as a single. Listen to a sample now!

Sample Vocal Tracks

From “Gothic Dreams” by Fate’s Maze

Thinking of You (.mp3 format)
I Love the Night (.mp3 format)

From “Built to Bust” by Mark Cameron Band

Young Man’s Game (.mp3 format)
Time For You To Go (.mp3 format)
Let Me Get Back To You (.mp3 format)
Tough All Over (.mp3 format)

“I believe that the music you listen to is either dragging you back to the life you’re trying to leave or urging you toward the life you’re trying to live. It sets an atmosphere that allows you to talk about meaningful issues.” – Mark Hall, lead singer of Casting Crowns

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