Trip to West Virginia: Mental and Physical Rejuvenation

Trip to West Virginia: Mental and Physical Rejuvenation

I took a vacation. I mean a real one. The kind where you leave your kids behind and you don’t miss them until Day 4. And for the first time in 4 or 5 years, I even left my work behind for FOUR WHOLE DAYS. (That is no small feat when you own your own business.)

We went ziplining – zooming from little 4-foot platforms from one treetop to another hundreds of feet above the ground. (I’ll admit to a little trepidation at first, heights are not my thing!) We visited two ghost towns (old coal mining towns), one of which required a strenuous hike down 1/2 mile of steep terrain and 821 steps (good thing we did that one the last day, because I was sore for three days after).

And – my favorite and the main purpose of the trip – we whitewater rafted the New River and the Gauley River. This is something we try to do every couple of years, but we’ve always gone West – Colorado or Idaho (someday northern California…)

I have to say, I was surprised and impressed with the whole area (so much so that we plan to take a family vacation there when the kids are a little older). We happened to be there during Bridge Day, an annual event during which 80,000 people show up in this tiny county in West Virginia to watch BASE jumpers launch themselves off the bridge into the gorge below. (And we had the best seat in the house – ON the river below!)

It’s amazing how closely linked the mental and physical are. With so much fresh air and physical activity – not to mention the complete lack of commitments! – my creativity really started to flow. All the way home I was mentally working on a story line involving a river rafting guide. Perhaps I will post a teaser…

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