True Surrender Review by Military Writers Society

True Surrender Review by Military Writers Society

“Army Major Aaron Bricewick’s amputation serves as a metaphor for his life: cut off emotionally from those around him, caught off balance by the betrayal of those he trusted, and in need of support from loved ones, no matter how painful it is for his independent self to admit. As may be typical of combat veterans, his stubbornness and outward self-confidence mask his vulnerability.”

This dead-on observation of True Surrender’s main character comes from Gail at the Military Writers Society of America.  Using an intensely personal experiences like an amputation is a hallmark of both True Surrender and Last Chance Rescue. When a reviewer (or reader) picks up on the more subtle nuances of the situation I’ve placed the character in…well, then I know I’ve done the best writing I could!

Gail’s review continues, “Mix this with a mystery to be solved, an endearing and sensual love story, and a renewal of faith that had been long forgotten and True Surrender becomes a compelling and entertaining story.  I couldn’t put it down.” Click to read more.

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