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I want to hear what YOU have to say about True Surrender! (And it’s always helpful, as an independent author, to have reader reviews on my Amazon Page and Goodreads Page as well!)

I fell for the hero from the first page. I promise you will keep turning the pages in this book. The characters’ intimate and personal and spiritual journeys converge and it is one heck of a ride!! ~ Jennifer

I loved this book! I read it in one sitting, and that was (even!) in the middle of the night! It was riveting enough to keep me up until 5:00 a.m.! – C. Tower

A wonderful story about hope, determination, and the real costs of war. ~ Sharon

The power of prayer is very true and I love being able to read about it in the context presented here! ~ Melissa

Author Tracey Cramer-Kelly’s stark descriptions were emotionally hard to read, but ultimately her strong, believable characters and a storyline rich with heart and determination kept me reading.  True Surrender is a powerful novel by an excellent writer. – Michael C.

Aptly titled, True Surrender explores the many facets of truly surrendering oneself, physically and/or spiritually, to life experiences.  ~ Sue,

Insightful, well-written, and intriguing! Throughout the book, I cheered for the little boy, his mom, and the wounded war vet who shows a lot of physical and emotional scars that need healing. The increasing tension toward the end kept me riveted to the book and awake long past my bedtime. ~ Diane

Just finished reading your book (instead of cleaning my house!) and wanted to tell you how much I liked it. You’re a very gifted writer and I hope you write more stories like this! It was very hard to put down! – Trish

“True Surrender” was everything that I could ask for in a book: a captivating mixture of romance and suspense, what a combination! I absolutely loved reading about Aaron and Holly’s relationship journey, it was sigh worthy! There is not enough words to say how much I enjoyed reading this book. ~ Kathleen at JerseyGirl Book Reviews

Mere words cannot express how impressed I am with this novel.  Tracey Cramer-Kelly has out done herself on this military romance. This author has fully convinced me that she is a voice that will quickly earn her high marks in the book world. ~ Suzie Housley at

Aaron’s character comes with all the emotions of a traumatized military soldier….Holly’s character is one that will tug at your heart. This is one greatastic military romance!!! ~ Reviews by Molly

Sweetly natured with just a hint of steaminess. ~ Words of Wisdom

These two characters are true examples of the will of the human spirit. If you want to read an inspirational novel, that will leave you breathless and uplifted, I highly recommend True Surrender. ~ Tawania at Wicked Readings

“True Surrender” has an outstanding plot that holds on tightly to the readers emotions, strong characters that you won’t be able to forget, and intense situations that will either make or break it for this couple. ~ Long and Short 4-star Review

Aaron’s  everyday battles seemed incredibly real and made you appreciate the spirit and rebuilding of faith in himself and others that got him to where he was at the end. ~ Cocktails and Books

“True Surrender” is heart-breaking, tear jerker of a story. This is not a bad thing by any means. It grabbed me from the beginning and held my attention right to the end. It’s about faith, love, courage, duty, and honor. ~ Bea’s Book Nook

MWSA_BannerMilitary Writers Society of America GOLD MEDALIST! 

Gail at Military Writers Society of America says: War and its aftermath is a deep, deep well for stories about devotion to duty, sacrifice, strength of character, friendship and love as well as violence, betrayal and loss. Perhaps it’s the uncertainty of war that brings this urgency to situations and depth to characters.

Tracey Cramer-Kelly successfully weaves these emotions together in her poignant book, True Surrender, where we enter the world of Major Aaron Bricewick. After enduring capture and torture by terrorists in Afghanistan, and ultimate rescue by his fellow soldiers, Bricewick returns to the states wounded both physically and mentally. As may be typical of combat veterans, his stubbornness and outward self-confidence mask his vulnerability.

Perhaps it’s because of the author’s Army Reserve medic experience, but I found the descriptive side story of Bricewick’s leg amputation with its phantom pain, adjustment to prosthetics, acceptance of the reality of a lost limb and the limits it places on career and personal life, to offer raw insight into a world too many of our war wounded face and so few of us civilians can imagine.

Bricewick’s amputation brings him together with his former lover, Holly Rossiter, a prosthetist (artificial limb maker) at Holbrook Medical Center in California. But the amputation also serves as a metaphor for his life at this point: cut off emotionally from those around him, caught off balance by the betrayal of those he trusted, and in need of support from loved ones, no matter how painful it is for his independent self to admit.

Mix this with a mystery to be solved, an endearing and sensual love story, and a renewal of faith that had been long forgotten and True Surrender becomes a compelling and entertaining story.  I couldn’t put it down.

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