Twiggle T Productions

Twiggle T Productions was formed in fall of 2011 when Tracey was working on the True Surrender music video – her first foray into fusing singing, writing and visual imagery. During that process, she realized it might be a good idea to create a home for projects that were more visual in nature (with the hope that she would be doing more of them in the future).

The Rose (Surrender Version) was the first project to be completed under the aspices of Twiggle T Productions.  The video chronicles the story of Major Aaron Bricewick’s (from her novel True Surrender) personal journey after being held hostage by Afghanistan terrorists.

In late 2012, Tracey was both producer and actor in the video “Cool Rider.” This lighter video tells the story of “Girl sees guy. Girl wants guy. Girl gets guy. Biker style!”

vBoth videos harken back to the early days of MTV, when music videos told a story.

Her newest video project, “Taiko True,” is considerably more complex, but again is story set to music and imagery: the members of  the Taiko True drum club struggle for meaning, respect and love – and the chance to overcome the demons in their pasts.

See Twiggle T Productions YouTube Page.