Vietnam Veteran Fictional Character with Lots of Potential

Vietnam Veteran Fictional Character with Lots of Potential

Since I write about military characters, I like to read military characters. And pretty much all the characters in Sharon Wildwind’s Loved Honor More are Vietnam veterans. I didn’t check until I’d finished reading, but this is the fifth book in the series and takes place just days after the Viet Nam war ended.

I’m no history buff, but I do like mysteries. As a mystery, this one had so many twists and threads, I almost couldn’t keep track of them all. I can honestly say I didn’t know what was coming next, so in that regard, this is a great mystery. However, in the end, I did not understand why exactly Darby Baxter felt so strongly about the baby. Considering that was a central tenet to the story, this is not a good thing to still be wondering after you’ve finished the book.

I like reading about a character’s emotional journey based on what has happened to them. That can be in a mystery or a romance or a “mixed” genre. What these characters are going through is very emotional, and yet I just couldn’t seem to get “close” to them.

The way that Pepper was reunited with Darby (whom she thought was dead) was excellent. But after that, I would have expected emotions, romantic sentiments, and physical desires. Colonal Darby Baxter had all kinds of potential to be an interesting character, especially in an unaccustomed state of vulnerability (“she’d never smelled fear on him before”). But I just couldn’t feel it. Maybe I needed to have the character background from the other books? At any rate, that’s why I would rate this as a 3.5.

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