Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistant?

Whether a publisher picks up True Surrender, or I self-publish, marketing is largely up to me. For almost two years now I’ve thought I would find more time, but our family business has continued to grow (and in fact, experienced some growing pains, requiring my time and energy).

And so have my kids! 🙂

I wasn’t able to be consistent in markting Last Chance Rescue, and I’m sure that hurt sales. But perhaps more to the point, the entire book-buying experience is different than it was three years ago. Back then there was no Kindle, no SmashWords, no iPhone Apps … and Barnes & Noble didn’t “consider” self-published books (huh).

And though it’s not like I have any sort of budget for this, I’m seriously considering hiring a “virtual assistant” to help me market my books. That is probably the only way I’d ever be able to market AND continue to write…

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