What about those “Light Inspirational Aspects” of True Surrender?

What about those “Light Inspirational Aspects” of True Surrender?

Some readers have commented about the Christian “undertones” in True Surrender. (They are there in Last Chance Rescue as well, but less obvious, couched in a “higher power” terminology and especially strong in what I call the “healing hands” scenes.)

First, I should clarify that I don’t write Christian/Inspirational fiction. For one thing, I don’t feel qualified to do so. I’m still a learning Christian myself. I can’t spout scripture, and I have a hard time sharing the gospel. Second, I don’t want to “preach to the choir,” reaching only readers interested in Christian/Inspirational fiction.

So why did I choose to include these “light inspirational aspects” in my novels?

First, I’m a Christian myself. Jesus Christ is my personal savior. If not for him, my marriage would have fallen apart long ago, and my beautiful daughter would not even exist. I enjoy incorporating a bit of that into my writing.

Second, I want to reach people where they are. I want them to read the book for more reasons than JUST the fact that it’s “Christian/Inspirational” – read the book for the romance, or for the wounded veteran angle. I don’t want to hit them over the head with God-speak; I want to give them a sense that God could fit into their imperfect life. (I also don’t want to be bound to the ‘rules’ governing “Inspirational Fiction.” After all, there is (gasp) “light sexual aspects” in my books!)

Who knows? Perhaps the fictional portrayal of a character who experiences the power of Christ will encourage a reader to look into this “God thing” for themselves…

One thought on “What about those “Light Inspirational Aspects” of True Surrender?

  1. Denise Meinstad

    Tracey, I agree wholeheartedly with you about ‘preaching to the choir’ with inspirational fiction. I have written one inspirational story and I absolutely love it, but it contains scripture and references to the characters’ faith. It’s NOT excessive preaching, though, and my characters in that book are as flawed as they can be! I plan to keep writing inspirational fiction, but lately I have been drawn to write sweet romantic comedy. I think we could all use a good laugh once in awhile and in this way I can reach a wider audience. When my secular readers get to know me and like what I write, they may be open to reading my inspirational material. If not, they can still enjoy my other works. No matter what I write, I know that (on some level) my faith inspires all my characters in how they think and act.

    I personally liked the inspirational touch in your story. It was just enough to show that the characters heard that still, small voice and took it to heart. I loved True Surrender and read it in a couple days.

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