What Does "Success" Mean?

What Does "Success" Mean?

What is “success” to you? So often, in today’s society, we get the idea that “success” is tied to our job or our money or the things we own.

Like many of us in real life, this is something that Brad (main character in Last Chance Rescue) grapples with. At the start of the story, Brad is a advertising executive. He’s got prestige and respect – and he has money and things.

Yet Brad has an emptiness that, at first, he doesn’t want to look too closely at. Then, after a chance encounter with Jessie (and a job crisis), he can’t understand the restless, unfulfilled feelings he’s experiencing. When (by chance) he is thrown into a rescue, it awakens something in him that he didn’t even know was there. After some internal struggle, he makes a critical decision: he gives up his “things” – and his comfortable existance – for something VERY different.

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