What Does Take Two Heroine Have in Common With P!nk

What Does Take Two Heroine Have in Common With P!nk

What Does Take Two Heroine Have in Common With P!nk

pink-husband-carey-hart-romantic-motorcycle-ride__oPtI recently came across this photo of Rock Star P!nk riding her motorcycle with her husband, motocross racer Carey Hart. She and Hart have reportedly had several “unusual” dates wherein they ride together (I question the “unusual” part since my hubby and I think it’s aces to get a ride in together!).

P!nk may be following in this photo, but she’s a biker chick in her own right. In fact, she recently led the sixth annual “Ride to the Flags” motorcycle ride, which was organized to benefit a wounded Marine Sergeant.

Motorcycles feature in her recent music video “Blow Me (One Last Kiss),” and in the music video for “There You Go” she rides a motorcycle – and then puts it through a window!

It’s hard to think of any other singer who puts herself out there, who lays it on the line like P!nk does. Her relationship with Hart has provided fodder for many of her songs including “Please Don’t Leave Me” and “So What.”

I think it’s safe to say that P!nk is not your typical Rock Star follow-along. She doesn’t let anyone dictate to her.

Much like Gina in Take Two.

Gina is a damn good Hollywood director, but off set, she does her own thing – and that includes riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. There is just something about women riders that screams “independent woman coming through!” Feisty, witty, and taking life on their own terms.

And then there are the men. P!nk has Hart… and Gina has Zac. Of course, since he’s not a biker when Gina meets him, it’s going to take some work to get Zac up to Carey’s level… (Book Details Here)

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