What’s in a Name? Hopefully More Readers!

What’s in a Name? Hopefully More Readers!

What’s in a Name? Hopefully More Readers!

The transformation is officially complete.

“Take Two: a Hollywood Romance” is now DIRECTING ZAC!

Why the change?

Series cohesiveness. That’s a Fancy-Nancy way of saying that I wanted all the titles in the Lady Biker Series to be similar, so as to be more recognizable as a group. (All four books have now been tentatively titled; Book #2 coming out later this year is TEACHING TREY.)

Characterization. I still wanted a title that told the reader this book had elements of film-making (aka Hollywood) – ergo the “Directing”!

No More Puns. Just because I liked the play on words (“Take Two” for both the re-taking of a scene while filming, and in relation to a second chance for two people…) didn’t mean potential readers “got it.” And – without that ah-ha connection, I felt the title just didn’t compel readers to look closer.


Ever wonder how Zac came to be Gina’s leading man? Well, there’s a hint in the new PROLOGUE…

She’d had a dozen more auditions after Zac’s. But now, with the wind and the feel of the Harley beneath her, her mind was cleared of everything else, and she knew. She wanted Zac Davies in the lead role.

She would probably have to fight Sylvester on it; he wanted a “bigger” name in the role. Zac wasn’t famous enough.

Yet, she thought.

Was he worth the fight?

Something told her he was.

(More about DIRECTING ZAC)

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