What’s in a Title?

What’s in a Title?

I recently sent my proposed book title to my writer’s group, and asked them to chime in with any thoughts or mental images the title inferred to them.

I purposely did not provide them any visual images (that is, the proposed cover of the book).

Responses were pretty much across the ‘romance’ related spectrum, from historical to erotic to inspirational. (Of course, they may also have been influenced by the fact that they know me and in some cases, have read my work.)

What was NOT mentioned was any sort of military theme. So what should I glean from that?

Everyone knows a book’s cover is VERY important. It may have more of an impact on compelling a reader to buy the book than the title. So my cover art really needs to impart that ‘side’ of the story – that the main character is a military officer. (And if possible, to communicate the multiple meanings behind the word ‘surrender’ in the title.)

To that end, I took a fresh look at the proposed cover (done back in January) and am pleased with what I see. It does not have as much color as I tend to prefer, but the more I look at it, the more I like it. It says what I need it to say.

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