Will Zac Become a Celebrity Biker like Bradley Cooper?

Will Zac Become a Celebrity Biker like Bradley Cooper?

BradleyCooperAccording to IMDb, Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper shot to fame in Wedding Crashers and The Hangover and was nominated for an Oscar award for Silver Linings Playbook.

The actor’s latest film is American Hustle (a followup to Silver Linings), but I was most intrigued by a movie in which he co-starred with Ryan Gosling: The Place Beyond the Pines (which I think I should view and write a whole separate post about!).

In Pines, Ryan Gosling plays a motorcycle stunt man leaving a particular legacy to his newly-discovered infant son. Bradley Cooper is the cop who’s got to bring him down. It is “a sweeping emotional drama powerfully exploring the unbreakable bond between fathers and sons.”  More here.

In real life Bradley Cooper apparently loves the adrenaline rush of riding. Here’s a shot of him on one of his many motorcycles (he appears to favor BMWs). From what I’ve seen, he always wears a helmet (good choice), jacket and gloves – even during scorching heat in L.A. Looks like he’s intent on protecting all those “assets” he makes a living with!

Bradley says he uses his motorcycle rides to think, adding that while his life is full of people he often feels alone. Bradley says when he needs to decompress after the craziness of shooting a film, he’ll ride his motorcycle at two in the morning when the city is completely empty.

In Take Two, Gina Devereaux rides her Harley-Davidson to manage the stresses of being a single parent and a Hollywood director. Hollywood actor Zac Davies gets his first taste of riding as a passenger on the back of her motorcycle. And he discovers what we bikers already know: riding is a catharsis. “Out there you don’t think about your shit,” he says.

Then he meets Gina’s biker friends, and, let’s just say (without giving too much away) that by the end of the book he’s well into a transformation to biker dude!

So the question is: will he turn into a Bradley Cooper? 🙂

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